Pests and rodents that dig, tunnel, or burrow to look for shelter or food could affect the appearance and quality of your lawn. Being able to decide which kind of critter is the destruction’s cause could assist you to eliminate them and prevent them from reoccurring. Here’s a list of those creatures and how to remove them off of your garden. 


The moles commonly eat of the insects living in the soil under your lawn. Moreover, their bodies are intended for foraging and digging underground with the help of their ling claws, short limbs, and pointy, long noses. While they build their tunnels and move around, you might see volcano-shaped mounts of soil or elevated ridges in your garden. 


Voles have the same appearance and size as field mice. As they have a lot of similar habits with a mole, such as tunneling, they can usually be found nearer to the surface eating on flower bulbs, root vegetables, blades of grass, and more. 


If you observe mounds of soil shaped like a horseshoe or crescent all over your landscape, you probably have one or more gophers that live underneath your ground. Plant-based is their major diet, however, they might lead to further damage since they sometimes chew on sprinkler lines. 

Raccoons or skunks 

Raccoons or skunks are the possible suspects why there are many holes all over your garden and lawn. Both are persistent to look for grubs, which causes massive damage while they stop the lawn in pursuit of food. 

Ground squirrels 

This type of squirrel creates their home under the burrow. They indulge many types of twigs, leaves, plants, and some organic things. Also, they could terminate your irrigation system’s components. 

How to stop lawn damage caused by rodents? 

  • Skunk law damage is due to their pursuit of grubs. Some animals like crows and raccoons might also rip up your lawn because they are in search of this food source. To deter this, grub control could actually help. Keep a thick, healthy garden and utilize an insecticide if necessary.  
  • Humane traps could be utilized to remove and capture pests and rodents from your home.  
  • Ammonia has a strong and unpleasant smell that might work to put off pests, rodents, and rabbits.  
  • Predator urine granules could be scattered all over your lawn since it is effective to repel moles, squirrels, rats, and more. 
  • Security lights and motion-activated sprinklers might frighten the pests and creatures, which could make them dash out. 

Pests and rodents are parts of a balanced ecosystem. It also indicates that you have a healthy lawn and landscape. If you want to be assisted with anything regarding landscaping or maintaining your lawn, you should contact Landscaping Castle Rock now. You can visit our page to know more about how to remove lawn damage and make your garden look beautiful. If you want to avail of our offered products and services, call us right away using our hotline number.