Dormers Installed

Adding a second floor to your home is not as difficult as you might think.

Click here to see some photos of a dormer installation by Long Island Modular Homes.

    Most homes can easily be renovated to accept a new modular second floor w/ little structural upgrades.  Add a luxurious Master suite, accommodate a growing family or simply upgrade your current living space quicker than you thought possible.  Long Island Modular Homes has years and years of experience retrofitting any type of home with luxurious living space to meet your needs.  Call now for a free consultation with a qualified installation specialist.
   Each Modular Addition is custom designed to fit your home.  We can build your addition any way you like with any number of options and upgrades.  Please click below to see sample floorplans and standard specifications.



Second Story Additions.



Typical Construction Schedule
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Preliminary Design Phase
  • Plans Approval
  • Permitting
  • Pre-schedule Fabrication
  • Demolition of Roof and Structural Prep
  • Delivery and Set
  • Exterior and Interior Finishing
  • Utility Tie In
  • Inspections and Completion

Typical Project Completion is 2-3 months, 50% prep, 50% construction!!

In most cases, you don't even need to move out!  

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