From homemade clocks to homemade message boards, there is a lot you could take to enhance your décor in your home while saving a few bucks. Below are 7 things you can do to improve the look and feel of your home.  


Placing unique placemats is a must to spruce up your home. Purchase a secondhand or a cheap picture book, then rip out its pages and have them laminated by a laminating paper, which you could purchase at stores for office supply. They are not just cheaper, they are also original and waterproof compared to those placemats you can purchase at a store. 

Fruit bowls 

To make a great dining room table, you can fill a big glass bowl with fruits. This can make your centerpiece bright. You can fill in any fruits, even those on sales, like oranges, limes, lemons, or a combination. 

Framed napkins 

You can frame cloth napkins if you want to do a simple yet cost-effective décor that will look good in any room. Utilize heirlooms from your family, or look for a few aesthetic designs that are perfect for framing at stores. Put them in a few square frames and suspend them in a row. 

String lanterns using plastic cups 

In this project, you will be needing plastic cups, string lights, and different types of art supplies. The first thing to do is to embellish your plastic cups with paints, googly eyes, glitter, or colored markers, or any decorations you could see at a store. Next, to let the light illuminate from the inside of the cup, poke one light bulb into every cup’s bottom. Then you’re done. You will have aesthetic lanterns to place along the staircase, hallway, the living room, playroom, or a kid’s bedroom.  


A simple means of incorporating customized décor to your house is to purchase clock mechanisms from your local store. These DIY clocks are only the motor and the hands and enable you to incorporate them into household materials, which turns them into clocks. You can incorporate them into photos that have cardboard backings, plates, tins, or any item within your home. You only need a spark of creativity in you. 

Traditional décor 

Create jars that have apothecary-style by fastening glasses above a candlestick holder. Utilize them in your washroom to hold items such as cotton balls, or you can also embellish an end table using some various styles. They will appear to be expensive materials even if it’s made of cheap materials. It will definitely be a win-win for you. 

DIY message board 

If you want something where your family can write on. You could make the door of your cabinet scribble-friendly by applying a fresh new magnetic or blackboard paint. With this, you and your kids could utilize chalk to attach announcements or notes using magnets or write on your DIY blackboard. If you want to specially make a message board and you don’t have spare time to do it yourself, you can always ask for a professional handyman from Handyman Denver